Greetings from the Director

しゅんしゅんキッズクリニック 院長 谷川 俊太郎

Director of Shun Shun Kids Clinic

Shuntaro Tanikawa

Nice to meet you. My name is Shuntaro Tanikawa, Director of Shun Shun Kids Clinic.
I have experienced working at a university and a clinic. I majored in hematology at university. In the outpatient clinic, I may not see many patients with blood diseases, but I have developed my ability to recognize serious injuries.
Through working in the clinic, I also realized that there are many children and parents who suffer from allergic diseases today, not to mention epidemic infections and other diseases. I also had asthma and atopy as a child, so I believe I can be there for my patients. I decided to open this clinic to bring that experience and knowledge to help protect the health of children in the community.
In addition to being an advocate for your children, we also want to help mothers and fathers reduce their worries and concerns about child rearing, even if only a little.
Above all, we are looking forward to being your family doctor.
We will be working with school and preschool doctors as well, so we may see you outside the hospital as well. When that happens, please say "Shunshunda! and we will work diligently to get the children to talk to us.
Also, in light of the outbreak of coronavirus infections, we will be offering an online clinic. Initial consultations will be in person and for chronic conditions, but we encourage you to take advantage of this service.

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2003 Graduated from Shumei private high school
2009 Graduated from Nihon University School of Medicine
2011 Completed his training at Itabashi Hospital, Nihon University School of Medicine, and entered the pediatric department of the same hospital, majoring in hematology.
2014 Entered university graduate school, majoring in cell regeneration, and worked at Numazu City Hospital
2015 Returned to Itabashi Hospital, Nihon University School of Medicine
2016 Graduated from the same graduate school
2017 Worked at Kasukabe City Medical Center
2018 Returned to Itabashi Hospital, Nihon University School of Medicine
2018 Appointed as Director of Sojinkai Sakura Pediatric Allergy Clinic
2020 Opened Shun Shun Kids Clinic and assumed the position of Director.