For Newcomers

For first-time visitors

Even if this is your first visit to the clinic, you can make an appointment in advance by computer, smartphone, or mobile phone.
Your first visit to the clinic may take some time to complete the paperwork, so please come to the clinic a little earlier than your appointment time.

What to bring

If this is your first time, please come to the clinic with the following

  • Child Medical Care Card and Medical Expense Certificate
  • Maternal and child health notebook
  • Medication notebook (if you are currently taking it)

Please be sure to bring your Maternal and Child Health Handbook and Vaccination Pre-medical Checkup Sheet (for regular vaccinations) with you when you receive your vaccine. You are also asked to take your temperature at home before the vaccination.

Please be sure to bring your child's maternal and child health record book and health examination form with you to the infant checkup.
If you have any questions, please call Shun Shun Kids Clinic.



You can make a reservation online.

Message of caution

  • In order to make your visit with us as smooth as possible, Shun Shun Kids Clinic has a "Web Reservation System" in place.
  • Please bring your valid health insurance card (no photocopies) with you to your appointment at the beginning of each month.
  • Please inform the receptionist of any changes in your address or telephone number.
  • If you have a prescription for medication from another medical institution, please show your medication booklet.
  • Please let the receptionist know if you have a rash on your body, swollen neck, severe pain, high fever, vomiting, or other symptoms.
  • It would be helpful for us to know your child's medical history (how long ago did the symptoms start to appear?) and medical history (the main illnesses your child has had), as well as the results of any medical examinations.
  • At Shun Shun Kids Clinic, we take the utmost care in handling personal information, so please feel free to visit our clinic with confidence.